Liège is popularly known as an active student city where you can find plenty of bars, restaurants, sports centres, cinemas and so on.

  • Nightlife

Most of the bars are concentrated in the sub district called “Le Carré” which is one of the most popular areas in the centre of Liège. It owes its name to its conventional arrangement, an intersection of a handful of narrow streets near the city-centre. There you can find some regular bars and more student-oriented pubs (“L’École du Carré”, “L’Escalier”, “L’Aller Simple”, “L’A-Fond Liégeois”). You can also find some international atmospheres in bars such as “Celtic Ireland”, the “Cuba’r” or the “Tam-Tam”.

Besides the bars, there are plenty of restaurants, cinemas and even shops.

  • Cinemas

In the centre of Liège, there is a chain of movie theatres called “Les Grignoux” offering movies in their original version and subtitled either in French. With the “Passeport Grignoux” card offered with your Welcome Pack, you’ll get some discounts in their three cinemas: “Le Churchill”, “Le Parc” and “La Sauvenière”. You can find more information at